Waiting for Izzy

Once upon a time, my German sister Bianka created this angel-winged American sweater for our new son Ethan. Since I’m not an artsy-craftsy person, this was the only piece of hand-made apparel my son ever got, poor neglected thing. Many years have passed since he outgrew his auntie’s present. Now the family is preparing for […]

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El Rancho Leon

In the nineties, the nineteenhundrednineties that is, we searched long and hard to find land for our future retirement. Even though we lived in Michigan at the time, we focused on Central Texas for our dream acreage. Our attachment to Texas and our desire to live there again was very strong. Neither one of us […]

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Driving … Walking … Driving

Driving 385 miles versus walking 5.13 miles … pretty darn uneven, I’ve definitely not reduced my carbon foot print this week! But if you live in a state as large as Texas, which spans about 800 miles or 1300 Km on both it’s East-West and North-South axis, it’s unfortunately necessary to use some form of motorized transportation. […]

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Formula 1 for beginners

I saw many beautiful automobiles this weekend – Alas, no mesmerizing engine sounds! Politically correct Austin, Texas, has succumbed to the lure of fast cars and fast women. Let me rephrase that, starting this Fall, Austin will host Formula 1 Motor Racing. The roar of fast cars will definitely be in the air, the women will have to decide for […]

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Domestic Desaster Descends

Don’t you just love our spiffy youngsters? There’re still some stray down feathers sticking up, here and there, but overall we’re looking at a nice line-up of roughly 16 to 18 day old, well fed swallow hatch-to-fledge-lings. And because they’re going to fly off into the sunset soon, I will once more show you a series […]

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AUSTIN – there is no other!!

A whirlwind visit with Willie. A wOw weekend! In case you missed it: Carmen Miranda has pink nails 🙂 I just experienced a Thursday through Sunday non-stop birthday weekend, which included spending time with family, meeting new friends, reuniting with old friends, encountering several well-known public figures, speaking briefly with a nationally known personage to […]

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