Christmas Swans Swimming

Slowly traipsing around the house to wake up, brewing coffee, cradling a warm cup between my palms I move over to the front window. Looking out across the river Charente, I contemplate the quiet Christmas village under the arch and notice five white animals. The dog soon disappears, while the swans continue to drift lazily […]

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Bowing Practice

He came by early this morning. As he had done a number of times during the last two months. He settled on a branch of our gigantic yellow jacaranda (Schizolobium parahyba), called ‘El Gallinazo’ (chicken-footed: the shallow root system can look like bird feet). Well hidden as he was in the bright green shimmery fuzzy foliage […]

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Araçari Alert

Starting today, I am moving forward and refocusing on pura vida with a first plunge into the lap pool this year! The water is still a little murky, granted, but in those high-end spas people pay top dollar for algae packs and assorted nonsense. I figure a few greenish clouds won’t do me any harm. Thank […]

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Oriole or just any blackbird?

There is this bird. He is fairly large for a songbird, a passeriformes. I know, I know, there are no longer songbirds, but perching birds, which is just a tiny bit ridiculous. I see vultures perch on a daily basis, does that make them passerine birds? I think not. Anyway, this good size, very vocal songbird […]

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Easterly or Westerly Screeching

Just a quick word about my charming owl interlude of last week …  I was sitting at the computer and had just finished reading about the new owlet hatched at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin, when something thudded against the window to my left. Nothing there. Another, more gentle thud and low […]

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