A Cornwallian Excursion

A very popular destination in the Plymouth area is Mount Edgcumbe House, in Cremyll, Cornwall, so on the spur of the moment, we decided to visit the ancient homestead of the Edgcumbe family. If you don’t have a car – and pardon my French, but who would want to drive in the UK ??? – […]

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Plymouth and the Sea

What a change! From Trafalgar Square to the Hoe. Who’s ever heard of The Hoe? According to Wikipedia, a hoe is either an agricultural implement, a Korean fish dish or a whore. In the city of Plymouth, the Hoe is a park on the limestone cliffs next to the Royal Citadel. The sloping ridge of the […]

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A Plymouth’ Monday

After a comfortable train journey down from London on Sunday afternoon, we began our exploration of Plymouth in Devon, the Devon of clotted cream fame, on Monday morning. We had already done a quick run to the supermarket and started to get to know our immediate neighborhood after our arrival. Even though our ever changing […]

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Bridges across the Thames

In our age, there are many bridges crossing the Thames as the river winds its way through the Greater London area. Once upon a time, when only one bridge, London Bridge, connected the city on the northern bank with independent boroughs on the southern bank now called Southwark, river traffic was handled by watermen and […]

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Two Elizabethan Theatres

Shakespeare has been quietly walking beside me for a while. Granted, most of the time as a barely shimmering spectre of himself, yet always happily greeted whenever he chose to step from the shadows. It all started in high school when we were introduced to him and his poetry. A few years later, my aunt Zéna […]

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