Bonfire of Necessity

Well, it’s been almost a month since I’ve talked with you. It was a very busy month for us, as our back-and-forth transitions from Costa Rica to the US, or elsewhere for that matter, are bound to be. We can’t just grab a favorite pair of flip-flops and jump on a plane, because we have […]

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Snowy Summer Sales

*by Eduard Ebel (1839-1905) ‘softly falling snowflakes’ Und leise rieselt der Schnee* … No. Not really. But it feels like it. It’s cold and wet. Rain instead of snow, softly drizzling for three days now, with intermittent stronger showers, a little thunder here and there, a smidgen of hail or even frozen patches causing vehicular […]

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Moonlit Nights and Many Miles

Let’s talk about distances. Distances and appointments. They often don’t mesh well when you dwell in the Western Hill Country, where the moon rises in a pastel blush and the stars sparkle even on slightly overcast nights; where foxes’ shadows flit between low juniper bushes and coyotes sing you to sleep. Yesterday morning my double-alarm, […]

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