Spontaneous Schnapps

Living in a region famous for a very specific and distinct product, namely Cognac, demands of the newbie resident to learn all he or she or both together in our case, can unearth about it. In order to become more familiar with this mysterious eau-de-vie, this water-of-life, one should taste it, n’est-ce pas, which in turn […]

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This and That

An assortment of random images collected through our recent trip to France. Our fuel-efficient frisky ride Dyson Airblades, mais bien sûr! Relief from les étapes du chemin de Compostelle  Fish-mongering in les halles de Saintes, Charente-Maritime Terrible travel tempest Really? That big. More than crumbs 🙂 Please, don’t do that to perfectly good beer!!  Ushuaia, […]

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Cognac without Air

My posts are getting shorter and shorter – fighting the sniffles AND having a burst tyre, as our British friend called it, made for a tiring day.  The morning started of very nicely with an excellent run (my euphemism for walking rapidly, occasionally jogging, but not actually running, with my Nike app clocking pace and miles) through […]

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