An in between Posts Post

Fast and dirty, a teaser toward the posts I would love to write, if I only had the strength. We’re moving into our new place in Saintes, Charente-Maritime, France and between the packing boxes and the chore’s list, we barely have time to breath. Today we drove to La Rochelle for an appointment at the […]

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This and That

An assortment of random images collected through our recent trip to France. Our fuel-efficient frisky ride Dyson Airblades, mais bien sûr! Relief from les étapes du chemin de Compostelle  Fish-mongering in les halles de Saintes, Charente-Maritime Terrible travel tempest Really? That big. More than crumbs 🙂 Please, don’t do that to perfectly good beer!!  Ushuaia, […]

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"Grün Satt" or Green to the Max

Yesterday we enjoyed a typical Frenchy Sunday in the town of Cognac, except, we skipped attending mass at one of the many beautiful churches. Being Jewish, we usually take a pass on that particular Sunday activity. Instead we perambulated at a leisurely pace through the pedestrian zone, window shopping a little here and there. As a small reference of […]

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Of Oysters and Salamanders

The last couple of days flew by in a flurry of activities, leaving no peace to write. However, I simply have to post a couple of quick pictures of a delightful evening with friends in the city of Cognac. Cognac, as you undoubtedly already know, is the birthplace of King Francois I. He became king by virtue of […]

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Cognac without Air

My posts are getting shorter and shorter – fighting the sniffles AND having a burst tyre, as our British friend called it, made for a tiring day.  The morning started of very nicely with an excellent run (my euphemism for walking rapidly, occasionally jogging, but not actually running, with my Nike app clocking pace and miles) through […]

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