Lost Posting

So. We have two appointments with Read the above line and weep. It’s all that’s left of a post I wrote and populated with pictures, and which google goblins swallowed without chewing. Since I haven’t posted in over a month, this might have been a just punishment for neglecting my blog and thus my readers. […]

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El Rancho Leon

In the nineties, the nineteenhundrednineties that is, we searched long and hard to find land for our future retirement. Even though we lived in Michigan at the time, we focused on Central Texas for our dream acreage. Our attachment to Texas and our desire to live there again was very strong. Neither one of us […]

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Bonfire of Necessity

Well, it’s been almost a month since I’ve talked with you. It was a very busy month for us, as our back-and-forth transitions from Costa Rica to the US, or elsewhere for that matter, are bound to be. We can’t just grab a favorite pair of flip-flops and jump on a plane, because we have […]

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