Matjes and Jogi

One of my favorite relatives is technically no longer a relative, but he’s beloved by all, nevertheless. During our recent trip to Hamburg, my husband and I were privileged to be invited to a day out in the countryside with this good friend of forty five years and his wife. My exceptional former Brother-in-Law had […]

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When you move from one continent to another, you can only take the more important household items with you. In our case that eliminated all electrically powered gadgets right off the top. The US is one of only 3 countries in the world that uses 110 volt current. Since the rest of the world uses […]

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Hummel, Hummel – Mors, Mors

Da sind wir also mal wieder unterwegs, nicht wahr. Und diesmal bringt uns unser kleiner Löwe, ansonsten Peugeot genannt, gleich bis in den Norden Deutschlands … considering the inexplicable statistical fact that my readership seems to be largely located in Russia, I might as well, while being in Germany as a German, write in German. Maybe […]

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