Stormy Weather

Today’s exercise consisted of a measly two mile walk. Two very tough miles. During the first mile, when the high winds with up to 44 miles/hour gusts propelled us forward, arms flailing in the wind like rag doll limbs, the task was easy, but dangerous. The irregular ebb and flow of steady wind and highly […]

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Valentine’s Day Dilemma

Oh, what a lovely day we had! Oh, how I fell off the calorie-counting wagon!! But one can always have an extra penitent walkabout, to make up for chocolaty sins, right? We had such an all-around great day. A super 5-mile walk in the morning, when it was still cool, but sunny and gorgeous. While walking, […]

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Virtual Champagne

‘Cloud Gate’ sculpture by Kapoor; Chicago; commonly referred to as ‘The Bean’ slightly altered  Today is my husband’s birthday. Congratulations, Honey! Actually, I’d rather bite my tongue, than call him Honey or similar. I could try Pumpkin. I quite like Pulp Fiction. Celebrating his birthday with or without terms of endearment, wasn’t endearingly warm and fuzzy, though, […]

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Yo-Yo Weather The Ides of February saw us in Kerrville for a lovely, pre-valentine dinner at one of our favorite restaurants there, ‘Rails’. Yes, if one still uses the pre-Julian calendar, which fell out of fashion in 45 BCE, then the Ides of February fall on the 13th, Valentine Eve. However, it’d be a little tricky […]

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Moonlit Nights and Many Miles

Let’s talk about distances. Distances and appointments. They often don’t mesh well when you dwell in the Western Hill Country, where the moon rises in a pastel blush and the stars sparkle even on slightly overcast nights; where foxes’ shadows flit between low juniper bushes and coyotes sing you to sleep. Yesterday morning my double-alarm, […]

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