To Have or Not To Have a Beak

All the following low light pictures were snapped during a fairly hefty shower, late in the afternoon. Which is my sly way of saying, well, the picture quality stinks, but I’ll post them anyway. Earlier this week we had a brief visit from a German friend, with whom I had gone to school at the […]

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Of Brown Birds and White Clouds

Yesterday we were awarded with vigorous green season action, a preview of the weather we usually experience in September and October. Our rainy season has been dryish around here so far this year, and dangerously dry in many other Central American regions. Farmers and ranchers are facing serious trouble with harvests; and procuring feed for […]

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Flying Free

I could say, it flew off again … but this time not until I had the pleasure of recording a few quick snaps. I was outside taking pictures of a large Montezuma oropendola, when a toucan settled just a few branches over in the same tree. Just like that! a different view of the beak […]

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