Spittoons & Bouchons, Part I

We owe our friends, who joint us for a while here in Pézenas, a large debt of gratitude. They aren’t idlers as we are. They’re go-getters and early risers, intrepid investigators searching for ever new opportunities to broaden their horizons. Hence they grabbed us by our necks and pulled us along on their excursions, not […]

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Rain, lovely rain and big fat black clouds cancelled our outing today, which gives me a chance to try to organize some of the pictures I’ve taken during excursions in the countryside around Pézenas, Hérault, Languedoc-Rousillion, France … just in case, you’ve forgotten, where we are at the moment. One little trip took us to […]

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Vignette de Jour number Three B

So, what’s today’s excuse for not buckling down and writing a decent post? House work? Indubitably, since four people munch a lot of fresh, aromatic and crusty French bakery products, generating copious amounts of crumbs under the long, wooden slab of a dining table. One also has to go to the produce market and decide […]

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Vignette de Jour Number Three

Travel has it’s hazards, joys and inconveniences, not to mention surprises galore, which we’re lucky enough to experience on an ongoing basis, now that we’re not only newly minted residents of La Belle France, but also visiting different locations in the South of France during home exchanges. There we were, after a brief five day visit […]

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