Melbourne – Part Four

Returning from one of our routine trips to the Chinese Visa Service Center, we struck up a conversation with a couple from Canberra sitting opposite from us in the tram. They mentioned a temporary exhibit of works by the iconic Australian painter John Olsen as a ‘must see’ in Melbourne at the moment – not that […]

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Melbourne – Part Three

My magnificent [his edit 😜] husband picked Melbourne as the starting point for our seven-week stay in Australia because it’s the most southerly of our three intended locations. Since I don’t tolerate heat very well, we aim to travel from South to North as the Southern Hemisphere transitions from summer into fall. Just as a little […]

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Melbourne – Part Two

Surprisingly, our home exchanges in Australia and China required visa applications ahead of time, something I don’t remember ever having had to do in other countries for a short term visit. A potential visa issue hadn’t occurred to us during our trip planning, but by sheer coincidence, I recalled our kid’s misfortune during their first overseas vacation […]

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Melbourne – Part One

Our first home exchange in Australia put us in a highrise apartment in the Central Business District of Melbourne. In other cities, the CBD might be called Downtown, the Financial Center, Stadtmitte, or, as in Chicago, the Loop. Many families and busy professionals are looking for home exchanges in a quiet and relaxing environment. They want […]

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