Wishing for a bathtub …

Many, many years ago, when we first moved to Houston, my husband became infected by the tub bug. He fell in love with the gigantic, sunken bathtub in our house. New construction in Texas has for the longest time been a bit over-the-top on many fronts, well, especially the fronts. Even modestly sized family homes […]

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Fajitas, or so

We haven’t talked about food in quite a while, so I thought I’ll show you our recent excursion into Tex-Mex territory. Not having been in or around Texas for eight months or so caused an overwhelming desire for charred meats and frijoles or anything, really, with an unmistakable Texas flavor. Upon the fortuitous re-discovery of […]

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Spontaneous Schnapps

Living in a region famous for a very specific and distinct product, namely Cognac, demands of the newbie resident to learn all he or she or both together in our case, can unearth about it. In order to become more familiar with this mysterious eau-de-vie, this water-of-life, one should tasteĀ it, n’est-ce pas, which in turn […]

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Lost Discipline

Living abroad and learning to navigate through a new environment and to assimilate into a different culture is exciting, fun, frustrating and as time-consuming as any actual full-time job would be. For one year and seven weeks now we have been splitting our time between one Central American and one European country. Since neither of […]

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