About Photolera Claudinha

She who doesn’t muse in a straight line. Musing came late to her, the urge to investigate early. She is a retired scientist flirting with photography. Telling stories about places and beings with words and images, hoping you will enjoy sharing her journey for a little while.

As a young woman, she moved from Europe to North America to work and raise her family there. Since then retirement opened doors to expand life into Central America and even back to Europe. Which led to the mildly Kafkaesque comparison with a pie chart:

“Should I live to be ninety, I could divide my life into geographical sections. One-third in Europe, one-third in North America, one-third in Central America. I could metamorphose into a pie chart.”

Travel has always been a delight, which has taken the family, either together or separately to all continents but Antarctica.



Slightly more shopworn now, we still love to travel.


But we have adopted a slower, much more relaxed pace for our trips. We are doing Home Exchanges now, which allows us to stay in those enticing, foreign places for extended periods of time. Between visiting sites and museums, we can relax in the comfortable lovely homes of our exchange families, gradually wiggling our weary bones into new cultures without stress.

Vannes, Morbihan, Brittany, France, September 2016

Come along, let me tell you all about it.


One thought on “About Photolera Claudinha

  1. You both are beautiful travelers.

    When we got the opportunity to travel we tried to visit as many famous places as possible, but today we are more “slow” travelers. Like you, we try to live in chosen place as long as possible, and not in a hotel.

    Happy travels.


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