Heidelberg – adieu

Our last week in Heidelberg simply flew by, thus our visit to this charming town sadly has come to an end. From our apartment in the “posh” (as a friend and long-time resident of Heidelberg called it) neighborhood of Neuenheim, north of the river Neckar, we explored the Altstadt, the Old Town on the left bank, […]

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Tübinger Treffen

The long anticipated weekend had arrived. A group of fuddy-duddies converged, one by one, toward the epicenter of the town of Tübingen, the Market Square. I walked from my hotel toward the square through a steep cobblestone lane, carefully negotiating the wide steps of Wienergasse. From there I turned right and approached our designated meeting […]

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Heidelberg – heer ve come

From the gorgeous tulips of Holland to the doughy Brezen (pretzels) of southern Germany, with an utterly delightful stop-over in Düsseldorf – southern Germany here we come! We started our second home exchange this month on Monday evening in the lovely town of Heidelberg. We selected this famous medieval town not only for its own merits, of which […]

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Laundry Day with Cat

Let’s take stock. As of tonight, we’ve already had eleven adventurous days here in Amsterdam. Time flies when you’re having fun! Today’s weather was very mixed going from quick flashes of bright sunshine and actual lightning flashes to dark and menacing to gray and murky and back like the crazy pattern of a kaleidoscope spinning in sticky […]

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A little Post for Nancy

To celebrate the arrival of her grand-baby. Mazel tov!!! [My story was inspired by “The Hotel Eden” a 1945 shadowbox by Joseph Cornell] Just around the corner from our house I discovered a mysterious shadowbox, filled with captured reflections of imagined realities. The Birds dream of flight, but their wings are trapped in the past. It […]

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Rembrandt & Co

In all good conscience, one can’t very well visit in Amsterdam without paying one’s respects to the Old Dutch Masters. The only problem is, everybody does it and the lines at all the museums are long, very long. Especially this week, as we already had Monday, Konigsdag, as a national holiday and Friday is the first […]

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