Remembering My Mother

This post might grow into actual musing for once. I hope, it will become a reflection on my thoughts and emotions these past few days, since my mother died.  Mechthild Judith Witzgall KolshornOctober 12, 1923 – October 18, 2012 This is the last picture I ever took of my mother. I snapped it, as I […]

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Periled No More, with a Moth

Our utility room saw quite some activity these last few days. We had recently purchased a new hot water heater, to replace the old calorífero,  which was hissing like a dragon in pain and expelling clouds of steam through the release valve with increasing frequency and ardour. Originally we had planed to replace the electric system […]

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Productos de la Feria de los agricultores – Chapter Two: starchy root vegetables and some juicy fruits

Another fun visit to the feria in Alajuela yielded several pictures of exotic tubers and some delicious fruit. I always ask the vendors for permission before I take a picture of their commodities on display. So far everyone has granted their leave, either with the shrug of a shoulder or the flick of a wrist, […]

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Dog Dumpling Disposal

After letting our dog dumpling hang out in the fruit bowl for a couple of days, the time was ripe, literally, to get rid of the Morinda fruit, which the kind vendor had given me at the feria on Saturday. As a Scientist i.R. (im Ruhestand = retired), I first had to look inside, of […]

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