Of Masks and Mythologies

Story teller in front of door carved in 1976 byW.Harris, E.Muldoe, A.Sterritt, V.StephensFirst Nation Gitxsan  Greetings from the University of British Columbia, specifically their Museum of Anthropology. I shall dedicate today’s lecture from MOA to my sister Diana, who is a sculptress in wood and thus has a strong spiritual connection to the craftspeople, ancient and […]

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Pre-Event Preps

We’re honing our siege warfare expertise. We’re laying in supplies. We’re preparing for a city bursting at her seams. Our last three days in Vancouver the Beautiful coincide with one of the busiest weekends of the summer. The main event will commence tomorrow night at 22:30h off shore in English Bay. The ‘Celebration of Light‘, […]

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Yackety-Yak Jack, Steaming Buns & Ming Dynasty Landscaping

To begin our last week in British Columbia, we invented the hitherto unknown athletic discipline of the Urban-One-Third-Marathon, which consists of walking for a minimum of 14 kilometers, within city limits, within a twelve hour time period. Refreshment breaks are encouraged. At 06:30h we started our inaugural UOTM with an early morning walk, followed by an excursion to […]

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Random Imaginography

The weekend, so far, has been too busy to allow any of the picture editing, researching and posting, I had planned or at least contemplated. Both Friday and Saturday were no-walk days, owing to the fact that we both developed some serious blistering on our toesies. Rest days, yeah!! We were, nevertheless walking over to Coal […]

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I’m so glad Vancouver is a coastal town! Why is that, you ask? Because coasts are beautifully flat, non-elevated, non-mountainous, plain, gradient free, without hills, neither inclining nor ascending, neither down- nor up-sloped. You get my level drift. As a well seasoned woman in her upper middle age with a lifelong disinclination for running or […]

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