Cardinal Capers

Once upon a time, when it was very hot in the ancient kingdom of Texas, queen Bathsheba wanted to take a bath. Her lady-in-waiting prepared a cooling bath in her favorite crystal vessel, wherein her queenliness plunged with great delight. The water, scented with exotic juniper needles, felt invigorating and Bathsheba really enjoyed this luxury in her arid realm, […]

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Formula 1 for beginners

I saw many beautiful automobiles this weekend – Alas, no mesmerizing engine sounds! Politically correct Austin, Texas, has succumbed to the lure of fast cars and fast women. Let me rephrase that, starting this Fall, Austin will host Formula 1 Motor Racing. The roar of fast cars will definitely be in the air, the women will have to decide for […]

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A girl with kaleidoscope eyes

Will I successfully publish a post without any pictures? We’ll have to see! Even without pictures, this post is about something important for any photographer. Vision. And the potential problems thereof. Not vision in an artistic sense, we’ll leave that for another time. No, I mean actually deciphering the symbols of modern English, as they […]

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Tettigoniidic Growing Pains

One of the most entertaining insects to watch is a Red-eyed Devil. Devils are also known as greater arid-land katydids, which is a terribly boring name and these guys look anything but boring! They’re spiny and spiky, agil, quite large and decidedly agressive, they’re very green, beautifully patterned and they glare at you with their red devil […]

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