Cardinal Capers

Once upon a time, when it was very hot in the ancient kingdom of Texas, queen Bathsheba wanted to take a bath. Her lady-in-waiting prepared a cooling bath in her favorite crystal vessel, wherein her queenliness plunged with great delight.
The water, scented with exotic juniper needles, felt invigorating and Bathsheba really enjoyed this luxury in her arid realm, turning and dipping this way and that.
The queen, absorbed in her innocent splashing pleasure, didn’t realize that the cheeky, red-cloaked King David of a nearby dominion was hidden in her leafy privacy screen, watching her bathing abundance. The gall! The queen continued her bath unawares.
At times Bathsheba bathed so energetically, she creating a churning white-water impression in the small bath.


Coming up for air!


One more dive into the crystal dept


Finally, our lovely queen is ready to return home …




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