Returning to the Lone Star State

01/27 We’re back in Texas and “I’m in a Lone Star State of mind”*. We’re back on our ranch in the Hill Country. I may not sound much like a Texan, but I’m a Texan by Choice. Afterall, it is here that my North American adventure began. * Lyrics by Koller/Alger/Griffith/Williams  Our first morning on […]

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Ho Ho Ho – sólo un poco tarde!

It arrived today! long awaited and almost given up for lost. In early December I bemoaned and lamented the lack of Dominosteine, Zimtsterne and Contessa Lebkuchen, not to mention my great favorite, Marzipan, to my friend, contemporary and fellow sufferer of a convent education, Patrizia, Italian Mistress of Filologia Tedesca e delle Arti. I just […]

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Not much to report,

but I should send out a quick ‘hallo’, since I’ve stopped communicating almost entirely with my near and dear. Not because there’s an emergency or some other awful occurrence, but because there’s just plain too much going on – period.  On the other hand it feels somewhat strange to talk to you, as if I […]

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