‘La Casa de Los Tres Mundos’ GRANADA, parte 3

Imagine for a moment that we’re still in Granada, still taking in the sights and sounds of Nicaragua, perambulating through the pedestrian zone, hanging a hard right into Calle Cervantes, while impressions of Spanish-colonial architecture inundate the senses. All those three-meter-tall carved doors, wrought iron gates, creamy colors, mosaic glass windows and wooden trim swirling madly in the […]

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Una Excursión Nicaragüense

In the middle of our weeklong home exchange vacation in Nicaragua, we embarked on a guided tour of some of the attractions in our area. Several friends, Ticos and Northerners alike, had raved about a variety of Nica destinations, three of which received unanimous thumbs up: la Isla de Ometepe in Lake Nicaragua, the city […]

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Playing Beach Bums in Nicaragua

There I am, propped up against some comfortable cushions, enjoying this pleasant view every time I’m looking up from my computer screen. The view from our private patio isn’t half bad either. We’re currently recuperating from our rigorous and taxing life as pensionados in Atenas, Costa Rica, in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. Living as beach […]

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