Playing Beach Bums in Nicaragua

There I am, propped up against some comfortable cushions, enjoying this incredible view…
… every time I’m looking up from my computer screen. The view from our private patio isn’t half bad either. We’re currently recuperating from our rigorous and taxing life as pensionados in Atenas, Costa Rica, in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. Living as beach bums for a few days should restore those sapped juices sufficiently to continue la pura vida in Atenas, don’t you agree? 
We’re staying at ‘Casa del Soul‘, a B&B just one hill removed from the town of San Juan del Sur and overlooking Nacascolo Bay. A quick cab ride will take you into town if you need a distraction. Or you could walk – like the other guests here are doing. But they’re a young & athletic couple and the mountains in Nicaragua are no less steep than their counterparts in Costa Rica!
View from the top of the mountain between the town of San Juan del Sur & Casa del Soul: the house center left with a red roof, near the edge of Nacascolo Bay
On our first morning here I decided to explore the neighborhood before breakfast. So Chucho the Dog, who guards the guests, and I set out for the beach. First, you climb down a steep lane, past the big monkey tree (Chucho always has to make a brief detour here, to bark at the monkeys), where you hang a right into a creek bed.
You might want to grab a stick to disengage the larger spiderwebs along the way. After a short walk through the jungle, you can catch your first glimpse of the ocean, which one can clearly hear all the way from the house.
Since it was high tide, the ocean almost spilled into our little creek and just a few feet of pebbly beach remained free of wave action.
Looking SW toward the open Pacific Ocean
Looking NE into Nacascolo Bay
Exploring the beach was next to impossible because the tide was so high. Chucho and I did our best but soon returned home.
Later that day we returned with Barry during low tide and found a very different landscape.
The exposed ocean floor offers a moonscape of beautiful rocks
What a study in geology!


Chucho had fun, too. He was chasing the vultures feasting on dead seafood


Very impressive layers upon layers of rocks …


… Barry acting as comparison size chart


One heck of a tired and sandy dog! We all agreed, it was fun walking the bay during low tide! Now I only have to find a way of taking a ton of rocks home with us…




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