Hello January !

As one gets older, years seem to race by at ever-increasing speed, leaving you baffled and wondering where the days have gone. Not that I mind speed, I’ve had a passion for speed all my life. But a different kind of speed. Experiencing the rush of acceleration has always been thrilling for me, either in real […]

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Ballet for three Bulldozers

Introduction – Reading a Facebook entry earlier today pertaining to the Atenas, Costa Rica, (Gentle)Men’s Club. Someone mentioned that one of the prefered activities of that organization is the ballet. Really? I thought, and the following ensued. Set – A river bank in the southwest of France, decorated with the usual ancient SW Frenchy stone […]

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Sculling and Rowing with a little buildering thrown in

Saturday dawned pretty in pink, accentuated by a solitary cormorant passing overhead. As the rising sun backlit the trees and rooftops across the river Charente with ever increasing brightness, mist gathered gently to envelop the landscape in milky fuzziness. Inside, morning light filtered through sheer curtains creating mottled patterns across walls and objects. A few […]

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Walking About – Part Three

[continued from “Walking About – Part Two] I never realized how much I click the shutter release until I started this third part of my little twenty-minute walk home from physical therapy and saw, how many pictures I had accumulated … Anyway, after our encounter with the deer late in the last walkabout post, we’re […]

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Walking About – Part Two

[continued from previous post “Walking About”] This timeworn front door caught my fancy as I turned from Rue Saint-Saloine into Rue Saint-Vivien. It’s not ancient, maybe from the 1940th, and it hasn’t been well maintained, but I think it shows that the original owner gave some extra effort to beautify his or her home. I felt […]

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Walking About

My new Frenchy family doctor prescribed physiotherapy for me to try to get a handle on my persistent back and leg pain. A physical therapist is called a kinésithérapeute in French, quite the tongue twister! Mine is located in the quartier Saint-Vivien, the neighborhood around the church of Saint-Vivien. This is also the neighborhood which […]

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Wishing for a bathtub …

Many, many years ago, when we first moved to Houston, my husband became infected by the tub bug. He fell in love with the gigantic, sunken bathtub in our house. New construction in Texas has for the longest time been a bit over-the-top on many fronts, well, especially the fronts. Even modestly sized family homes […]

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Père Noël Anticipated

Today* is the morning after. The rather foggy morning after the opening weekend of ‘Décembre en Fête 2014’ the local Christmas Market plus entertainment. For the moment, everything is still at the festive venue across the river. While I gaze at the fuzzy scene, movement diverts my attention. A group of cormorants has come in […]

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Gigabites and Libraries

Shortly after we arrived in France, I purchased a SIM card for my phone from one of the French providers. I bought a prepaid monthly deal, which allows unlimited call within France, and unlimited texting, and it includes 1 GB of internet access. The gigs are a very important part of using a smartphone, at […]

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