Our Anniversary Moon

Compelled by a conjugation of celestial events with personal occasions I shall muse on a more intimate level today than is habitual for me. As you no doubt noticed, Christmas was illuminated by a full moon this year, which last happened in 1977. Let’s have a look back at that Christmas Day thirty-eight years ago. […]

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Happy Noio Hel!

Pre-dawn of the Winter Solstice gradually brightens the firmament, while the festive lighting is still reflected in the calm river. The cormorants arrive for their breakfast before the first true light of the new sun, neo helios, or noio hel in Celtic Breton. The modern French word for Christmas “Noël” may very well have its […]

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Christmas Swans Swimming

Slowly traipsing around the house to wake up, brewing coffee, cradling a warm cup between my palms I move over to the front window. Looking out across the river Charente, I contemplate the quiet Christmas village under the arch and notice five white animals. The dog soon disappears, while the swans continue to drift lazily […]

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