Another one got away ….

My bad luck regarding avian wildlife photography or birdie shots continues. While sitting at the computer with my husband, reviewing washing machine ratings for our upcoming major appliance purchase, we both heard very loud toucan beak clacking, which really sounds more like the croaking of a drowning toad. We immediately jumped up and stealthily creeped […]

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Un Vivero

It was time to swing by the Beneficio de San Isidro. That means, it was time to stock up on coffee. Costa Rica is famous for it’s coffea arabica, the magic, delightful coffee bean, originally native to the Yemen. I like to buy local, when ever possible and learned soon after moving here that a […]

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Be It A Spider or Not

I came across this spider-look-alike today. Eight legs, but there the resemblance stopped. No clear definition of cephalothorax and opisthosoma. Instead I saw a bunch of funky kneecaps and legs of uneven length. It, whatever it was, moved very fast and tried to hide in a dog chew toy. It wasn’t easy to see it […]

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This and That

An assortment of random images collected through our recent trip to France. Our fuel-efficient frisky ride Dyson Airblades, mais bien sûr! Relief from les étapes du chemin de Compostelle  Fish-mongering in les halles de Saintes, Charente-Maritime Terrible travel tempest Really? That big. More than crumbs 🙂 Please, don’t do that to perfectly good beer!!  Ushuaia, […]

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MotMotMockery no more!!

As all of my faithful readers well remember, the motmots around here make it their business to taunt me mercilessly. Usually motmots show little caution of humans, posing for photographs quite readily (to the point, actually, that Costaricans allegedly call them pájaro bobo – silly birdie, rather than their proper name of momoto cejiceleste). I may be […]

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French Graffiti

In spitting distance to our excellent lodgings in Saintes’ rue Saint-Macoult, I stumbled across a most unusual area by happenstance. One passes near this mysterious place on the way down into the historical town center, for example to go marketing at Les Halles, the covered market. It is called Le Belvedere, a promontory overlooking the old center of […]

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