Kidney Shaped Deliciousness

So, tell me, how do you feel about offal? I quite like it. There are so many aproaches to entrails, variety or organ meats … do you have a preference? It’s clearly a cultural thing. I grew up enjoying ‘saure Kutteln‘, which my room maid’s mother at university cooked to perfection. I’ve also always liked […]

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Rainy Days

The gorgeously sunny spring days of late winter have morphed into winterly wet days of early spring. So much so that my morning run turned into a two-parter, bisected by some serious pre-April showers. Four point four kilometers in the morning, a third of it dripping wet, and three point zero one kilometers in the […]

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Gigabites and Libraries

Shortly after we arrived in France, I purchased a SIM card for my phone from one of the French providers. I bought a prepaid monthly deal, which allows unlimited call within France, and unlimited texting, and it includes 1 GB of internet access. The gigs are a very important part of using a smartphone, at […]

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Lunch Musing

Here in Saintes I often recall childhood memories of family life back in Germany, where the main meal of the day was lunch. My father rarely ever missed having lunch at home with his family. My mother would go marketing, as my mother-in-law likes to call grocery shopping, then cook a hot meal for us. […]

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