Coca Cola

When we experienced the Great Atenas Power Outage yesterday, we took a quick drive over to Escazu, to run some errants and have breakfast. Strolling through the fashionable MultiPlaza Mall there, we immediately noticed automobiles displays everywhere. The ‘MultiFeria – Modelos 2012’ car show was in full swing. Next we saw another mall-wide exhibit. An […]

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Mud & Sparks

We’ve had a couple of thoroughly unwelcome household-malfunctions lately.  First I discovered a little puddle right in front of the kitchen sink. Upon opening the cabinet doors under the sink, we found a lot more water. Running water to find the leak, the plumbing beneath the sink just squirted freely out of every conceivable seam. […]

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Bus Trip Amendment

A minor Post Scriptum to my recent journey to San José. As it happened, on my way to take a friend home, I drove by the Atenas bus depot this afternoon. And low and behold, what is parked there for the weekend? My favorite little turquoise bus! Matching license plate and everything.  It seems, bus and owner […]

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Wednesday I had an appointment at La Embajada de Alemania in San Jose.  … And for some strange reason, all my normal keyboard functions, like auto-correct, umlauts & accents and such, wont work today. Bummer. I can’t spell in four languages, this is going to make me look like an idiot …  Anyway, I had […]

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