Fallow Fantasy

Once there was a fawn, inexperienced in the way of the world.She was skipping happily to and fro, grazing a little, meeting beetlesand dragonflies. Checking for mom and auntie ever so often.When suddenly …  MOM, what is that upright thing over there?It clicks and sparkles … She must be the devil herself. St. Hubertus help […]

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Guanacaste trees on Guanacaste Day

Today Costa Rica celebrates the Día de la Anexión de Guanacaste, which happened in 1824 – as per request by the population (before you get your knickers in a twist about the possibility of celebrating a hostile take-over). After all, the Guanacastecos’ slogan goes: “De la patria por nuestra voluntad” But enough of politics. In honor of our National […]

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Virtual Champagne

‘Cloud Gate’ sculpture by Kapoor; Chicago; commonly referred to as ‘The Bean’ slightly altered  Today is my husband’s birthday. Congratulations, Honey! Actually, I’d rather bite my tongue, than call him Honey or similar. I could try Pumpkin. I quite like Pulp Fiction. Celebrating his birthday with or without terms of endearment, wasn’t endearingly warm and fuzzy, though, […]

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Always Ride A Good Horse

A Good Man Gone   On July 15, 2011 we lost a craftsman, a cowboy, an American icon   Donald Dean Atkinson   A child growing up fast in Missouri during the Dirty Thirties, the Dust Bowl, the Great Depression. Living in the broken heart of a ravaged rural Midwest, Don learned the traditions of […]

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The Case of the Nebulous Nestlings

And the mystery continues. Our first clutch of swallows this year had to cope with their dead father, sticking upside down in their midst à la Edgar Allen Poe, while mother fluttered helplessly about in agitation. Now the entire second clutch disappeared overnight. What evil lurks on my porches in the darkness of night? I need not […]

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