Lost Words

It is now 03:45:23 local Frenchy time. UT is playing, thus we’re up. The last few hours since dinner, I wrote quite a bit about Otherness, Thanksgiving and jello. Unfortunately my new blog host, WordPress, ate all of it. Too bad, as I’m not sure, I’ll want to write it all over again, provided, I could […]

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Birds Birds Birds … and a Shag?

Switching between Othernesses isn’t as easy as you might think. I shall expound on the Otherness theme later one. Presently we need to focus on birds, if for no other reason than to seamlessly join my varying Selves through the observation of birds. Since these will be my last tropical bird pictures for this year, I’ll bombard you one […]

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Bemeddled Musing

In a day and a half or near then, we shall be on one of four flights needed to take us from our home to our home. From the nightly view above, to its partner below. In Saintes the plane trees will be bare now, the tourist boat safely in dry dock till the following […]

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La Paz – Them Birds

I’ve come to the realization that I’m in trouble. In about 10 days we’ll climb in a plane, well, several planes actually, to fly back to France, our other home, and you can easily imagine, how my to-do list is growing at an alarming rate, while I’m also trying to finish the story about the waterfall […]

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