Bemeddled Musing


In a day and a half or near then, we shall be on one of four flights needed to take us from our home to our home. From the nightly view above, to its partner below.


In Saintes the plane trees will be bare now, the tourist boat safely in dry dock till the following April. The Arch of Germanicus will have to go it alone for a few months. By contrast, many trees in Atenas will bloom in scented splendor come December. We love both places and the polarity they represent. As I’m saddened to leave either place, I’m concomitantly excited to rediscover the other.

Our travel preparations combined with a nasty cold have turned these last two weeks to shambles. Yet we are organized and appear to be on schedule with our multitude of errands, which constantly give birth to new generations of errands to be tackled. It was however impossible for me to complete editing my La Paz Waterfall Garden pictures and continue the ongoing saga of our excursion. Last night, late, I uploaded several photos into a new post titled ‘La Paz – The Cats’. I added a few lines of text, before finally going to bed. Sadly blogging gremlins ate the entire post overnight. It no longer exists. Oh well. I suppose, if they’re that hungry, they’re welcome to the word and picture salad. Today I’m using the save button.

But there’s still so much to do before we leave and friends to be hugged. Well, hugging is out, owing to the sniffles,but you understand what I mean, it’s impossible to return to La Paz for the time being. For now just a few random pictures to say good bye. I’ll talk to you from France in a few days. Take care!





NebelBruecke-1250463 CherryBlossoms_0616-1 MorningMoon-1210280

Leaving you with the roar of a different cat 🙂


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