Las Artes y Los Borucas

Almost 40 years ago we bought several carvings in an Indonesian village dedicated to woodwork, which somehow started an interest in indigenous art. Over the decades, we built a small collection of 2- & 3-dimentional works of art of peoples of North America, whenever possible purchasing directly from the artist or craftsperson. Here in Costa […]

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Busy Times

“Ihr Lieben Goldigen” this has been my greeting for my far-away family for most of those decades I’ve lived abroad. It was the header in uncountable letters to my parents, those real, pre-internet letters, written on crinkly onionskin stationary to reduce the cost of overseas postage. This very personal address is composed of “My Dears” and […]

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Snake Scare

It was our gardener’s assistant who sounded the alarm. The undergardener had been clearing underbrush behind the laundry drying area in the far corner of our “plantel”. El plantel is the level area of a property on which people build their homes. In our mountainous Central Costa Rican neighborhoods, a pantel is usually carved out of the face […]

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Bemeddled Musing

In a day and a half or near then, we shall be on one of four flights needed to take us from our home to our home. From the nightly view above, to its partner below. In Saintes the plane trees will be bare now, the tourist boat safely in dry dock till the following […]

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An Eclipse foretold by a Toucan

The morning was young, still only sparsely lit by the rising sun, when a toucan settled in my guarumo tree. The toucan turned on his branch and swiveled his head far to the left to survey the canyon and hills beyond our property. “I like this little valley” he said, “lots of juicy fruit and lizards to feed […]

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