Cabbage Anyone?

Weißkohl – green cabbage – repollo verde, otherwise known as Brassica oleracea convar. capitata var. alba is very tasty in deftigen Eintöpfen mit Pinkel (hearty casseroles with sausages), Krautkuchen (there’s no term in English! It translates to “cabbage cake”), Kohlrouladen (stuffed cabbage) and, especially here in Costa Rica, where lettuces are a more gringo-ish desire, as ensaladas, salads or coleslaw. Cabbage […]

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Our Future Jungle at Present

It’s done! A dragon teeth border, which will bite any car tire coming too close to precious plants & sprinkler heads, concluded the installation of Barry’s Jungle Garden in our front yard. We are very happy to see, how even this narrow strip of juvenile jungle enhances and beautifies our property.  Since I woke up to a crisp and clear morning, […]

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