Does Dodging

Just a quick post to share with you nature’s abundance, which our wildlife enjoys this year. No more starving unicorns! White-tailed deer, Odocoileus virginianus  This pregnant white-tailed doe and I were having dinner at the same time, separated only by a pane of glas – both of us munching greens! Since food and water are […]

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Yanking Bootstraps

Last week a number of disconcerting events put a damper on my usually happy-go-lucky disposition. Oops, there was a loud crashing sound. That’s Barry laughing so hard, he fell out of his chair, as he was trying to picture carefree little old me dancing through the aisles of life. One of the problems I’m attempting to handle better, […]

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… and then there were four

One more youngster snuck back home in the dead of night. Happily I discovered four of our five fletchlings decorating the fence on Thursday morning. One however, presumably the littlest one, which had been huddled deep inside the nest and only fluttered away, when I removed the dead bird, may be lost for ever. There sure was a lot […]

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Domestic Desaster Descends

Don’t you just love our spiffy youngsters? There’re still some stray down feathers sticking up, here and there, but overall we’re looking at a nice line-up of roughly 16 to 18 day old, well fed swallow hatch-to-fledge-lings. And because they’re going to fly off into the sunset soon, I will once more show you a series […]

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