Birds, Birds, Birds, Wet Birds … a Pictorial​ Update

By accident, I discovered more nesting activity next door to the swallows. The House Finch couple we met a few weeks ago have been secretly building a nest in the satellite dish footing mounted on the wall within our empty dog kennel. Here’s the Mister, trying to distract me, by hopping around the fence like mad and chirping his little heart out.
Playing some more hide-and-seek in the bushes.
Dad inspecting the architectural features of …
… contemporary housing in a high-tech environment 😎
Nothing new on the swallow front, just a few more scenes featuring the same old actors – or young, rapidly growing ones, as the case may be.


They’re growing so fast! Wing feathers everywhere. Who will fly first? Meanwhile, mom & dad are still working hard to feed the ever demanding nestlings.

Riddle of the day: what’s that yellow and black blob outside my back door?

Possibly a Texas spotted whiptail [Cnemidophorus gularis]? Not! It was a Scott’s Oriole.
A wet Scott’s Oriole, because everyone is dripping wet around here at the moment.



A very, very wet Northern Cardinal [Cardinalis cardinalis] asks “Can I come in, please? Bring the family?”

After several days of heavy rain and a forty degree temperature drop, our nesting bird families don’t look too happy. The Oriole is about to take off, while the Cardinal is just enduring the next squall passing through. We certainly need the rain, but, Ye Weather Gods, a little break would be nice right about now!

… while under the porch roof, the perpetual guano production goes on and on …


2 thoughts on “Birds, Birds, Birds, Wet Birds … a Pictorial​ Update

  1. that´s a totally cool report! LOL. obwohl ich nicht weiss, ob das ganze wirklich zum lachen ist. der Finch ist entzückend, wie er so sein nest begutachted: “ob muttern das gefällt”? wie lange hält der satellite dish diese “hausbesetzung aus? aber vielleicht produziert dieser verhältnismässig “kleine” vogel ja weniger guano.:))


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