Waiting for Izzy

Once upon a time, my German sister Bianka created this angel-winged American sweater for our new son Ethan. Since I’m not an artsy-craftsy person, this was the only piece of hand-made apparel my son ever got, poor neglected thing. Many years have passed since he outgrew his auntie’s present. Now the family is preparing for […]

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Brenham w/o Ice Cream

The other day we, my Houston Cousin and I undertook an excursion to Chappell Hill, Texas, to visit with her close friend the ceramic artist and painter Ruth Wilson. The three of us then headed over to the neighboring town for lunch at the historic Ant Street Inn in Brenham, Washington County, the birthplace of […]

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Bonfire of Necessity

Well, it’s been almost a month since I’ve talked with you. It was a very busy month for us, as our back-and-forth transitions from Costa Rica to the US, or elsewhere for that matter, are bound to be. We can’t just grab a favorite pair of flip-flops and jump on a plane, because we have […]

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Stormy Weather

Today’s exercise consisted of a measly two mile walk. Two very tough miles. During the first mile, when the high winds with up to 44 miles/hour gusts propelled us forward, arms flailing in the wind like rag doll limbs, the task was easy, but dangerous. The irregular ebb and flow of steady wind and highly […]

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Formula 1 for beginners

I saw many beautiful automobiles this weekend – Alas, no mesmerizing engine sounds! Politically correct Austin, Texas, has succumbed to the lure of fast cars and fast women. Let me rephrase that, starting this Fall, Austin will host Formula 1 Motor Racing. The roar of fast cars will definitely be in the air, the women will have to decide for […]

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Spring’s Sprung

No-one could have possibly remained indoors today. Such a gorgeously sunny Hill Country day, which began with a gentle invasion of butterflies. Very different from the relentless march of army ants, we sometimes experience in Costa Rica! I just had to get out there to check on my favorite cacti, persimmons and enjoy the vistas […]

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