Well-nigh Miasmic

While we are undertaking a bathroom remodel on the 2ème étage, which in American English means the 3rd floor, one of my chores is to score a parking spot for our contractor. Street parking in the center of town is strictly subdivided into pay parking and free parking, whereby the free parking is a minimum […]

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Le Big-Mac et le Royal

The other day circumstances dictated the necessity of having an early lunch out, but most restaurants won’t serve lunch before noon. What comes to mind immediately? Of course! Mickey D’s. No, not the Mickey D of @The_Phatcave fame, but Vincent’s Mickey D’s of Pulp Fiction fame. Do you remember the epic hamburger conversation? Partial quote: […]

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Studio Portrait of a Shopping Bag

We spend this Valentine’s Day busily doing household chores and running errands. After we were finally done, a last quest took us to the chocolatier. Not just any chocolatier, but our very own neighborhood chocolate maker “La Chocolataise” on Cour National, the main road through town just two blocks from our house. True to form […]

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