A Rhino in Atenas

This morning a large beetle lay on it’s back, squirming and wiggling, on our patio tiles. Both dogs sniffed it and walked away, apparently this fellow wasn’t caninely tasty. So I collected the substantial bug and put it on our glass-topped patio table, which wasn’t much to this hefty guy’s liking either. I guess, slick […]

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Pouring Green

During the green season everything around us is green. The landscape is verdant, lush and aromatic. The proverbial tropical paradise. This opulence comes at a price. Most vegetation, or flora, as we retired biologists like to call it, thrives best under wet conditions. Our green season is so lush, because ‘green’ is a euphemism for ‘rainy’ – […]

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Birdie Wisdom

Bravely shoulder your responsibilities and courageously plan for the future, but don’t neglect to cover your rear. Never hesitate to stare adversity straight in the eye, but know, when to run! This uplifting wisdom was dispensed by Squawkero, our resident Great Kiskadee town crier, shouting from our very own rooftop. You’ve met him before in my ‘Las […]

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Un Garrobo, Brisas Dulces y Maracuyá

‘GARROBITO’ Friday morning in Atenas, Alajuela, Costa Rica, invariably means a stroll past the stands of la feria agricultura. The vendors sell locally grown produce, as well as chickens, eggs, cheeses, meats, baked goods, coffee, tamales and much more. Their stands form a double ‘L’ along two sides of a mildly neglected park with an exercise area for the marching band […]

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