Easterly or Westerly Screeching

Just a quick word about my charming owl interlude of last week …  I was sitting at the computer and had just finished reading about the new owlet hatched at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin, when something thudded against the window to my left. Nothing there. Another, more gentle thud and low […]

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Dinner Distraction

Urocyon cinereoargenteus There we are, just sitting down for dinner, when movement catches my eye. Diagonally across the house, more or less, through one of our many windows, I see a gray fox hurry through the garden past the house. Then he or she stops, sniffs, paws and sniffs some more.  Suddenly s/he grabs something […]

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Gregariously Green

 MIZQUITL and NŌPALLIFirst view over the ‘Mesquite Flats’ area from the ridge bottom, El Rancho Leon  Anyone not partial to green, kindly read some other blog today – it’s Green Day at El Rancho Leon! Not the shamrocky soft shoe kind of green, but a prickly, thorny, unkempt, wild kind of green. Specifically the neon green […]

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