Dinner Distraction

Urocyon cinereoargenteus

There we are, just sitting down for dinner, when movement catches my eye. Diagonally across the house, more or less, through one of our many windows, I see a gray fox hurry through the garden past the house. Then he or she stops, sniffs, paws and sniffs some more. 

Suddenly s/he grabs something and applies the typical canine death-shake that we know so well from Vandal the Beauceron and his armadillos …

Before I can quietly open a window or sneak outside, our secretive visitor disappears into the juniper bushes.

It’s getting close to kit-season, maybe we’re hosting a den nearby, that’d be cool! Since we have a very healthy coyote population around here, we don’t see many foxes normally, so this visitor was appreciated.

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