Dinner Distraction


Urocyon cinereoargenteus, Canidae, gray fox

There we were, having just settled down at the dinner table when movement caught my eye. Diagonally across the house, more or less, through one of our many windows, I saw a gray fox hurry through the garden past the house. Then he or she stopped, sniffed, pawed, and sniffed some more. 

Suddenly s/he grabbed something and applied the typical canine death-shake that we know so well from Vandal the Beauceron and his armadillos …


Before I could quietly open a window or sneak outside, our secretive visitor disappeared into the juniper bushes.


It’s getting close to kit-season, maybe we’re hosting a den nearby, that’d be cool! Since we have a very healthy coyote population around here, we don’t see many foxes normally, so this visit was greatly appreciated.

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