Christmas Swans Swimming

Slowly traipsing around the house to wake up, brewing coffee, cradling a warm cup between my palms I move over to the front window. Looking out across the river Charente, I contemplate the quiet Christmas village under the arch and notice five white animals. The dog soon disappears, while the swans continue to drift lazily […]

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Sculling and Rowing with a little buildering thrown in

Saturday dawned pretty in pink, accentuated by a solitary cormorant passing overhead. As the rising sun backlit the trees and rooftops across the river Charente with ever increasing brightness, mist gathered gently to envelop the landscape in milky fuzziness. Inside, morning light filtered through sheer curtains creating mottled patterns across walls and objects. A few […]

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The Lady on the Cognac Barge

What a glorious day! We’re enjoying beautiful summer days, often right here on our veranda, being entertained by all the activities playing out right below us on the banks of the river Charente and on the river itself, of course.  During the season, the City of Saintes has two large excursion boats moored directly across […]

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La Fête de la Musique

The festival of Music is in full swing all around us, the walls reverberating with the beat of percussion instruments, interrupted by snatches and snippets of all types of music styles.  It has not been a quietly restful day for us poor, suffering victims of viral attack and travel fatigue. On the other hand, when […]

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