Spring’s Sprung

No-one could have possibly remained indoors today. Such a gorgeously sunny Hill Country day, which began with a gentle invasion of butterflies. Very different from the relentless march of army ants, we sometimes experience in Costa Rica! I just had to get out there to check on my favorite cacti, persimmons and enjoy the vistas […]

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Hares Hopping

Wisteria in my brother’s yard Seven hares, six deer, one raccoon, one porcupine, one feral pig with an injured left front leg and innumerable winged creatures. That was last night’s critter count driving the roughly six miles home from a friend’s house.  Five squirrels and one opossum was the critter count for the roughly two […]

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Snowy Summer Sales

*by Eduard Ebel (1839-1905) ‘softly falling snowflakes’ Und leise rieselt der Schnee* … No. Not really. But it feels like it. It’s cold and wet. Rain instead of snow, softly drizzling for three days now, with intermittent stronger showers, a little thunder here and there, a smidgen of hail or even frozen patches causing vehicular […]

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