Spring’s Sprung

Nobody could have possibly remained indoors today.
Such a gorgeously sunny Hill Country day, which began with a gentle invasion of butterflies. Very different from the relentless march of army ants, we sometimes experience in Costa Rica!
I just had to get out there to check on my favorite cacti and persimmons and enjoy the vistas over the gently rolling countryside. How wonderful to see all that fresh green and the carpets of tiny yellow wildflowers after last year’s devastating drought. It was very lonely, though, to roam without Otto & Vandal, but the rascals are having tropical fun without us back in Atenas, CR – can’t be helped. It’s impossible to ship 60Kg-plus dogs back and forth at will!
This is our “garden”, beautifully landscaped courtesy of Mother Nature herself. As I was looking around, feeling the warmth of the sun across my shoulders, noticing the different stages of development between white and black oaks, hackberries and mesquite trees, I suddenly became aware of a couple of birds in the branches of a leafing oak nearby. 
Observing a bickering finch couple

Mr. & Mrs. House Finch (Carpodacus mexicanus, Müller 1776) were vocalizing behind the sadly empty dog kennel. I think, they were having a slight disagreement concerning nest building issues, as she was carrying building materials in her beak.


I didn’t enhance any colors here, btw, he really did display this incredible fuchsia red, even down his back between his wings. Nothing subtle about that finchy guy!!
Suddenly, Mr. Finch realized that I was observing their domestic discord. A witness, NO! He immediately changed his tune and started cooperating with the construction chores.
My peace-keeping job is done here! 
I can move on to check the cacti near the ridge.

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