Spittoons & Bouchons, Part II

Following our visit to the Montpeyroux Coopérative Artesinale we wanted to check out some of the ‘Domaines’, the independent wine growers, in town. Therefore we needed to know, where the heck to find Waldo. Our friend, Professeur Tryphon Turnesol* led the way. [*Sobriquet. Orthonym withheld to preserve dignity & honor. It was, after all, a wine […]

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Spittoons & Bouchons, Part I

We owe our friends, who joint us for a while here in Pézenas, a large debt of gratitude. They aren’t idlers as we are. They’re go-getters and early risers, intrepid investigators searching for ever new opportunities to broaden their horizons. Hence they grabbed us by our necks and pulled us along on their excursions, not […]

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Rain, lovely rain and big fat black clouds cancelled our outing today, which gives me a chance to try to organize some of the pictures I’ve taken during excursions in the countryside around Pézenas, Hérault, Languedoc-Rousillion, France … just in case, you’ve forgotten, where we are at the moment. One little trip took us to […]

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