Interlude with Bridge

Today we drove up the road into the Aveyron, a département of the Midi-Pyréenes region of France. We had a full program, including a visit to one of the one-hundred-most-beautiful-villages of France, of which I shall report shortly. But for now, I’d like to post solely about a portion of the drive there.
Five years ago my mother and my sister Diana joint me in a house hunting trip to this very region. After spending some time in and around Villefranche-de-Rouergue, we drove down from the mountains of the Massif Central into the Gard department and the Mediterranean coast. Back then, I was driving and couldn’t look around too much, let alone take pictures. Today I was a passenger, recording our trip on the freeway called A 75 over the breathtakingly awesome Viaduc de Millau, albeit in the reverse, going North. Disregarding directions and other peculiarities, these pictures (shot through a rather dirty windshield) are for you, Diana, companion and navigator of our awesome time in the South of France.





The viaduc crossing the river Tarn just outside the town of Millau 

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