Carcassonne – Stone & Wood with Angles & Textures

Are you ready for a quick leap back in time? It’s the 13th Century in the Languedoc, where Franks battle Catalans and Gascones, where Saracens, Jews, Cathars, and Catholics seek to live and prosper, where minnesinger’s ballads of love and unrequited longing slowly replace Chansons de Geste, songs praising heroic deeds of warriors like Roland and Guilhem.
Walking hither and thither through Viscount Raimon Rogièr Trencavel’s castle I felt him and his family hovering just beyond reach, just around the corner, running, climbing up yet another stone-slab staircase, breathless.
Walls, Defenses & Graves: 
Random Details, Fragments and (dry) Frescoes, not to forget some cannonballs:

2 thoughts on “Carcassonne – Stone & Wood with Angles & Textures

  1. love your photos. The first one is a trompe-l'œil, at least mine. It took a while to understand that it is not 2 photos shopped together, but that the little “sticks” on top are actually huge timbers. Nice


  2. Looking at your fantastic photographs, I have to believe that the history of mankind is based on lots of things … but art is the primary building stone – literally. Those beautiful buildings, carvings, etc. Thanks, Claudia, for showing us another part of our world.


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