To Weigh In or Not …

With respect to my last post, I shall continue on the subject of healthy cooking, specifically with my own attempt on healthier living. Thus, this post will become a highly personal narrative, all about me and my current struggle to loose some weight, while continuing to eat well and remaining my customary, sedentary, geeky self. […]

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Kartoffelchips – Mes Chips – Las Patatas Fritas or DKK’s-Funky-Chips

You love chips, don’t you? If you happen to be British, it’s crisps you love … Germans love Kartoffelchips and our French brethren are enamored with chips as well, just like my neighbors in Costa Rica, who adore papas in all its manifestations, including patatas fritas, chips – not to be confused with papas fritas, french fries. Everyone […]

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