Le Saint James à Bouliac

Our last trip in the year 2016 was a brief yet spectacular excursion to the City of Bordeaux. Once a year, for our anniversary, we enjoy the luxury of dinner at a Michelin starred restaurant. This year, taking our advanced ages into consideration and of course les flics’ obsession with sober driving, we booked an […]

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A Parisian Kaleidoscope

Selecting from pictures taken on our walks together during the past week, I composed this Parisian vignette as a kaleidoscopic birthday card for my travel companion and partner in life. Happy birthday, my Lion! Sorry, I couldn’t resist!! Below is the more macho version 🙂

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Bacchus versus Vesta

Ancient Romans were a very religious bunch, their second king the Sabine Numa Pompilius is said to have negotiated directly with deities on behalf of his people. King Numa was especially fond of the nymph Ægeria, a minor Roman goddess, possibly an aspect of the Goddess Diana. Ægeria was in charge of healing, sacred knowledge, inspiration, […]

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It took us more than two years, but we finally made it to Bordeaux. And what, you may ask, is so unusual about that? Most people with our North American background never make it to Bordeaux, nor do they ponder that fact. It is a little different for us since we have lived in easy driving […]

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Sculling and Rowing with a little buildering thrown in

Saturday dawned pretty in pink, accentuated by a solitary cormorant passing overhead. As the rising sun backlit the trees and rooftops across the river Charente with ever increasing brightness, mist gathered gently to envelop the landscape in milky fuzziness. Inside, morning light filtered through sheer curtains creating mottled patterns across walls and objects. A few […]

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