Du Temps Perdue

My youth knocked on my door, gently and sweetly. It reappeared unexpectedly in the shape of the delightful article “The Atenas of Today and my Old Costa Rica” written by Oscar Alvarado Saborío, published in the November edition of ‘AtenasToday’, which is a free e-newsletter in English for present and future residents of Atenas. It […]

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“Mildred and our Cédulas” was my previous post’s title, but not a single person noticed that I never mention Mildred. I had intended to introduce her to you, but I got all wrapped up in our spankin’ new laminated, yes, it is true, laminated cédulas, so I plum forgot about poor old Mildred. After posting, […]

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Mildred and our Cédulas

November 14, 2011. Six months and ten days after submitting the application for permission to reside in Costa Rica as retired foreign nationals, we received our temporary Costarican identification cards. The actual approval of our application took exactly five month. The intervening weeks were necessary for auxiliary paperwork. This is a much bigger deal than […]

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Of Dolls & Dunlops

Our day started innocently enough. Bright and sunny. Normal. Our morning schedule included a visit our immigration lawyer at 10 h to hand over our passports*, our brand new National Health Cards and four bank receipts for payments to the Ministerio de Gobernación y Policía, Dirección General de Migración y Extranjería. These payments are for […]

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