Chi Town Teaser

We’re currently doing a home exchange with a family in Chicago, Illinois, USA. The available internet or WiFi or WLan isn’t especially available, unfortunately, so I’ve to beg your patience till I get back home, before I can post about all those amazing sights and sites from my beloved City of Winds. Meanwhile, just a few […]

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Las Artes y Los Borucas

Almost 40 years ago we bought several carvings in an Indonesian village dedicated to woodwork, which somehow started an interest in indigenous art. Over the decades, we built a small collection of 2- & 3-dimentional works of art of peoples of North America, whenever possible purchasing directly from the artist or craftsperson. Here in Costa […]

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Bowing Practice

He came by early this morning. As he had done a number of times during the last two months. He settled on a branch of our gigantic yellow jacaranda (Schizolobium parahyba), called ‘El Gallinazo’ (chicken-footed: the shallow root system can look like bird feet). Well hidden as he was in the bright green shimmery fuzzy foliage […]

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