Fingerposts and Punic Wars

During the time of my dog Otto’s final illness, I started working on some of my photos from our trip to France earlier this year to relief the sadness. It has always been soothing, but also invigorating for me to become absorbed in images. Especially since the advent of digital imagery, when the potential for […]

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Vandal & Otto – so greatly missed

Vandal du Domaine du Haut QuesneyBeauceron2004 – 2013  Turkmen Ottoturk of RanchoLeonKangal Dog2004 – 2013  Just a few days ago, watching the first Stanley Cup play-off match with one eye, we used the game as a distraction, because we knew perfectly well that Otto was dying. Even though an earthquake that day upset him sufficiently to […]

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Not The Best of Tuesdays

So, today being the birthday of our dog Vandal, who died, completely out of the blue this February, I took my morning walk up the mountain, where he used to run with us and all the other dogs in our neighborhood. This running around bit was a whole lot easier for him, than it is […]

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Stormy Weather

“Land Unter” or wide spread flooding is the current situation in my home country Germany – and the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary, you name it. Central Europe is drowning and our daily thunderstorms here in Costa Rica are very much routine, compared to the floods overseas. Nevertheless we had quite a storm today. Heavy rains […]

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Flying Free

I could say, it flew off again … but this time not until I had the pleasure of recording a few quick snaps. I was outside taking pictures of a large Montezuma oropendola, when a toucan settled just a few branches over in the same tree. Just like that! a different view of the beak […]

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A Rainbow Morning

Between 5:30h and 6:45h this morning I shot 274 pictures and 2 short video clips. I’ll show you several of them shortly, but they require a considerable amount of editing, because the objects are only about a foot and a half long, including bills, yet they were perched high up in a majestic Guanacaste tree, […]

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